May 17

Befriend Botanicals

Congratulations to Rachel Rudy Kaye, who recently graduated as a Quantum Botanicals Therapist. Rachel was a dedicated and passionate student, whose expertise shone through in her exceptional case studies. Her ability to establish a safe and nurturing connection with her clients, allowing them to open up on vulnerable topics, is truly exceptional and her thoughtful approach to identifying essences and incorporating healing processes adds depth and richness to each flower essence program that she creates. The positive outcomes with her clients and their touching testimonials speak volumes about her effectiveness as a flower essence practitioner and guide in emotional healing. I wish Rachel every success with her developing practice, Befriend Botanicals, and here she shares a few words about her work:

“For many years, flowers would suddenly appear to me. Not in front of me, rather, in my mind. It might be during meditation, or going about my daily life, and if I couldn’t identify it right away, I’d research. There was a need to know: Who was the plant? What did it have to communicate? And why was it showing up for me at this particular moment?

Having long loved herbalism, no matter where I lived I had kept a garden of some sort for a few handy allies – lemon balm, mint, rosemary. Aromatic, useful. As much as I was drawn to the medicinal properties of these plants, I couldn’t ignore that I had slightly more interest in their meaning and spirit. The knowledge I was after would not be satisfied by the physiological composition and effects alone – I wanted to learn how to communicate with the plant itself.

My studies developed into my practice: Befriend Botanicals, the name specifically chosen as a verb, as it is the action I want to inspire in my clients. With flower essences, you are not simply taking drops of liquid mindlessly, you and the plant(s) are resonating in an alliance. I really want to emphasize that relationship, as healing from physical or emotional concerns can feel quite isolating to many, when in fact we are not alone when botanicals are involved.

Working together with flower essences and felt sense, we can address new or long standing concerns, with the overall goal of feeling harmony in the body and mind. My background in social work and emotional well-being support ensures that my practice is rooted in ethics and safety, with an appreciation and respect for the energetic. We will combine practical skills and the flower essences support to help you walk away from each session feeling more empowered and resilient in your everyday life.

While I am currently based in Wales, our sessions are offered online to anyone in the UK. In the future we hope to offer in person sessions and events.

I so look forward to connecting with you, which can be done so at

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