Study Pathways

Our industry-leading courses – unique in their individually mentored approach – are created to empower a future generation of naturopaths to practice with absolute confidence, knowledge, integrity and clarity.

With intimate class sizes and experiential self healing knit into the fabric of our foundation, graduates of the School of Natural Medicine UK are unfailingly well-prepared for their new lives: as highly-skilled, intuitive and intelligent practitioners of natural medicine. 

Our Courses

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Naturopathy Certification

Iridology Certification

Herbal Practitioner

Natural Physician Certification

Quantum Botanicals Therapist

Healing Diets Coach

We offer the following Online certification Courses:

Our professional board-accredited online certification courses are the industry gold standard. Individually mentored by Bonny Casel, students can study and qualify from anywhere in the world. 

Certification Courses


All of our Online Certification Courses prepare you for professional practice. They are created to be affordable and flexible, yet still necessarily academic and in-depth. Our accessible online learning model means that students have two years to complete a single Online Certification Course, and up to four years to complete combined Online Certification Courses. This gives students peace-of-mind and optimal flexibility – you may choose to enrol on an Online Certification Course as a more affordable starting point, but should you wish to further your studies at a later date, your Online Certification Course will apply in full towards future Professional Diploma training.

Online learning is ideal for those who cannot afford to study full time, or who are unable to spend long periods away from home. Students can study from anywhere in the world, and fit their studies in and around their work, home and family commitments. All of our online courses are personally mentored by school founder, Bonny Casel.

Click on the links above to explore our professional Online Certification Course options. 

Online Certification Courses

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Naturopath Diploma

Natural Physician Diploma

Master Iridologist

Quantum Botanicals Advanced Therapist

Master Herbalist

Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant

Our Diploma Courses combine our Online Certification Courses with in-person Immersion Trainings. The Diploma Courses offer our most in-depth mode of study available at the School of Natural Medicine UK, and this is reflected in the qualifications that one graduates with:

e.g. If you complete the Healing Diets Coach Online Certification Course, you will graduate as a Healing Diets Coach. But if you were then to complete the Healing Diets Immersion Training too, you would further graduate as a Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant. Our courses have been created to offer optimal flexibility, so that you can choose to begin with online-only study, and then deepen and develop your studies in the future, when time and resources permit. All of the individual Diploma courses are explored in more detail below.

How is the Diploma Course different to the Online Certification Course?

Our Online Certification Courses can also lead to a Professional Diploma. Students who complete both their Online Certification Course and our in-person skills-based Immersion Trainings will graduate with a Professional Diploma.

Diploma Courses


We offer the following Professional diploma Courses:

Our Diploma Courses combine online studies mentored by school founder, Bonny Casel, with 5 day in-person Immersion Trainings, the Self Healing Module and Clinical Training. They are wonderfully holistic and thorough in their multi-faceted approach and delivery – creating graduates who have a keen and accurate understanding of the subtleties and complexities of their chosen pathways, and are well-prepared to forge ahead with a successful career in Natural Medicine.

All students begin their Diploma Course studies by enrolling in in the Online Certification Course of their choice. Immersions are then enrolled in at your own pace, as you progress with your studies. Once you have completed your Online Certification Course, and relevant Immersion Trainings and the Self-Healing Module, you will then graduate from your Diploma Course.

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Diploma Courses

Maurizio Ensaldo - HDNC
Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant

“I owe you a very special THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom and your vision of life with true compassion. Your amazing ability to inspire and teach at a very profound level gave me the confidence and the motivational boost that I needed for my future as a Healing Diets Practitioner.”