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Healing Diets

The comprehensive Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant Professional Diploma Course combines online training in the therapeutic use of nutritious food for healing, and creative fully integrated hands-on learning. This is an experiential journey in the effectiveness of food as medicine, as evidenced and explored within the life of each student, and in preparation for professional practice.

All students begin their Healing Diets Diploma Course studies by enrolling in the Healing Diets Online Certification Course. The Healing Diets Immersions is enrolled in at any point during or after your online studies. You do not need to enrol on or pay for your Immersion Training until you are ready to do so. The Healing Diets Immersion is offered on alternate years. Once you have completed your Online Certification Course you will receive the Healing Diets Coach certification, and when you have also completed the Healing Diets Immersion and the Self-Healing Module, you will then graduate as a Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant.

The Healing Diets Professional Diploma Course is comprised of: 

the Self Healing Module


5 Day
healing diets Immersion Training


healing diets Online Certification Course


Stephie Hensen HDNC AMP
Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant graduate

“I can still remember my first assignments and how excited I felt when I was doing them. I loved the fact that each module covered different topics but based around one. The Healing Diets Immersion was one of the best experiences of my life. It was so nice to meet you, Bonny, and to learn so much about raw food. It was such a wonderful experience and I felt so good! I have learnt so much and feel confident to go out there and help others. I would recommend this course to anyone as all could benefit from this wonderful learning journey.” 

Kind Words

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The comprehensive Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant diploma course combines online training in the therapeutic use of food/nutrition for healing, and creative fully integrated hands-on learning; an experiential journey in the effectiveness of food as medicine within the life of each student, and in preparation for professional practice.

diet for cleansing, health building and preventative self-care is taught in-depth:

Learn the simplicity of creating healing diets programmes with creative inspiration, based on the principles of true nutrition, the unique needs of each individual and within the context of personal circumstances and goals. 

Expand into healing diets for balancing the inner ecology, cleansing and rejuvenation, longevity, life phases, beauty, emotional well being, mental clarity and support for evolution of consciousness. 

Discover how your food buying choices either support quality of life and sustainability, or political and corporate agendas and, further, affect soil health, the environment, accessibility of nutrient dense, and thus healing food, and more.

The Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant Professional Diploma is accredited by the AADP and AAMA. Upon completion of the online studies, students receive the Healing Diets Coach certification accredited by the AADP. Upon further completion of the Healing Diets Immersion and Self Healing Module, graduating students receive the Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant Diploma and qualify as a board accredited Alternative Medical Practitioner with the AAMA. Graduate can also become a professional member of the Complimentary Medicine Association and qualify for discounted practice insurance. 


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Self Healing Module – 3 month programme & support


Healing Diets
5 Day Immersion Training

Healing Diets Online Certification Course

12 monthly payments of £120

Discounted Payment in Full £1250

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Course Details


• Food and consciousness: emotions, cognition, depression, anxiety, gut health, etc.
• Tissue Salts
• Parasite cleansing
• Vegan diet: philosophy, practical application and menu inspiration
• Health consequences of eating animal products
• Environmental consequences of eating animal products
• Social consequences of eating animal products
• Economic consequences of eating animal products • Meat, dairy and egg replacers in recipes
• Vegan and vegetarian baking
• Food and Ethics
• Factory farming
• Genetically modified foods: health, environmental and economic/societal costs
• The seed industry
• Corporate food
• Litigation and school lunches
• Subsidised GMO farmers vs penalised organic farmers
• Slave labour in the food industry
• Codex Alimentarius
• Food additives
• Public Research - Private Gain: funding for food research/funding policies
• Changing food policies
• Food sovereignty
• Soil and health
• Organic farming: biodynamics and permaculture
• Self healing and independent health
• Creating a practice
• Creating a consultation space
• Practice promotion, websites and marketing
• Practice ethics and codes of conduct
• Consultation skills
• Healing Diets programme creation

• Diet and the immune system
• Lymphatic cleansing
• Diet and the nervous system
• Transition Diets
• Low glycemic diets
• Healing food habits: mealtime stories, food addiction, emotional eating and other eating disorders
• Oils and fats: raw, vegetable, nut and seed, methods of extraction, effects on health
• Creating a healing diets kitchen: tools, cookware
• Conscious eating: awareness, presentation, environment
• Menu inspiration
• Five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether, and their relationship with diet
• Biological humours of Vata, Pita and Kapha
• The three Gunas and diet
• Six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent
• Healing spices: dosha balancing and medicinal benefits of culinary spices
• Living foods: history, benefits and practice
• Fermented food and drinks
• Sprouting
• Dehydrating foods
• Use of nuts and seeds in healing diets
• Raw food diets: transitioning to raw, raw food preparation, nutrient density, raw challenges, raw contraindications
• Assimilation of nutrient
• Diets for babies and children
• Diets for adolescence
• Diet for preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy and nursing
• Diet for health building and recovery
• Supportive diets for those on medication
• Diet for menopause
• Diet for the elderly
• Food and conditions for increasing beauty
• Nutrient density for athletes

• How the body utilises water in cell, organ, gland and systemic function.
• The effects of dehydration
• Water fasting: history, theory and practice
• Water quality, structure and preservation
• Water as a container for intention
• Juice fasting: history, theory and practice. Methods of juicing
• Liquitarian Diets
• Green drinks
• Produce hygiene
• Nutritional and medicinal properties of fruits and vegetables.
• Disease progression: enervation, toxemia, irritation, inflammation, ulceration, induration, fungation
• Steps to overcoming disease
• The eliminative organs and now to support them with diet, herbs and naturopathic therapies
• Detox symptoms and naturopathic treatments
• Bowel cleansing: theory and practice
• Digestive health and longevity
• In-depth study of the digestive system and enteric nervous system
• Liver and gallbladder cleansing: theory and practice
• Stomach cleansing and healing
• Nutritional support for body organs, systems and glands
• Kidney stone cleansing and urinary system support
• Wheatgrass, chlorophyl and Rejuvelac: benefits and use
• Purification Diet
• Food combining
• Alkaline diet: effects of pH on body cells, organs, glands and systems, and on mental and emotional health
• Minerals, vitamins, proteins, starch, fats, sugars, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients pre and probiotics, life force in food, and their roles in body function

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healing diets

Immersion Details


The Healing Diets Immersion is a delicious, delightful hands-on education in raw food preparation that provides the foundation for inspired, creative use of therapeutic nutrient dense foods.

Students participate in establishing the rhythms of a living food kitchen, including sprouting and fermentation, a range of dehydrating projects, juicing, green drinks, raw desserts, sauces, nut and seed butters, and much more.

Over the course of 5 days, food preparation moves from cleansing to health building, culminating in gourmet raw food preparation. Exploration of culinary herbs and spices add to this foundation for increased flavour, support for health issues and focused balancing of the doshas. Each day students prepare and enjoy a living foods feast, along with a range of lightly cooked vegan dishes.

Practical time in the kitchen is interspersed with lectures that explore different facets of the material taught in the Healing Diets and Quantum Botanicals online courses, with a focus on integrating healing diets studies with mind-body healing and evolution of consciousness.

In this Immersion you will learn the skills to bring magic and inspiration into your relationship with food, along with the foundation to share this knowledge with others.

"From the deepest part of me I thank you for the Healing Diets Immersion; I had a truly wonderful experience in your beautiful home, in wonderful landscape, preparing and eating incredible food with such inspiring people. Those few weeks have become a refuge to return to in my mind, a true source of inspiration."

Emma Turner Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant student

Healing Diets Immersion