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Herbal Medicine

The Herbal Medicine Online Certification Course offers a comprehensive study of Western Herbal Medicine with a focus on the systemic use of herbal formulae and naturopathic herbal treatments, based on the approach developed by Dr. John Christopher, and with formula created by Farida Sharan, ND. The course  also teaches the core skills for creating your own herbal formula so that you can be truly independent as a practicing herbalist.

 botany    |    herbal medicine    |    formula creation    |    pharmacy skills

There are Two Options for
Herbal Medicine Online Study

Option 1

 healing diets    |    herbal medicine    |    iridology    |    pharmacy skills

Option 2

Our Herbal Medicine Complete online certification course offers a comprehensive study of herbal medicine, healing diets, holistic anatomy and physiology and iridology, providing the full spectrum of modalities for creating holistic self healing programmes in a professional setting or for personal self healing.

herbal medicine complete online course

Graduates of this course receive the Herbal Medicine Consultant (HMC) certification and can join the AADP as a professional member and qualify as a board accredited Holistic Health Practitioner. You can also join the Complementary Medicine Association.

This course is ideal for those who wish to create thier own herbal pharmacy, heal themselves, family and friends, create herbal products, or import or export individual herbs or herbal formula, and will remain a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration for years to come.


The Herbal Medicine online certification course is designed for those who want to study a mentored herbal medicine for their own enrichment and self healing, those who wish to learn herbal medicine for creating herbal products, or for those who already have practitioner qualifications and wish to add herbal medicine to their current practice.

herbal medicine online course

This online course option includes the Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets and Iridology online courses, and is the online study requirement for the Master Herbalist diploma course. Those that complete these online studies have the option of continuing their studies to Master Herbalist Diploma level by attending the relevant Immersion Trainings and enrolling in the Self Healing Module. 

Graduates of this course receive the Herbal Medicine Therapist (HMT), Healing Diets Coach (HDC) and Iridology (IrC) certifications and can join the AADP as a professional member and qualify as a board accredited Holistic Health Practitioner. You can also join the Complementary Medicine Association.

Munira Z HMC HHP
Herbal Medicine Certification Graduate

“I love reading your feedback Bonny – it’s so incredibly helpful and delivered with such kindness. You have created such a beautiful course and I thank you for sharing your knowledge of these ancient wisdoms in such an accessible manner with me. I am so excited to be sharing all I have learned.” 

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Herbal Medicine Online Certification Course

12 monthly payments of £120

(comprised of Healing Diets, Iridology, and Herbal Medicine online courses)

Discounted Payment in Full £1250

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Herbal Medicine Complete Online Certification Course

12 monthly payments of £320

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Course Details


• Food and consciousness: emotions, cognition, depression, anxiety, gut health, etc.
• Tissue Salts
• Parasite cleansing
• Vegan diet: philosophy, practical application and menu inspiration
• Health consequences of eating animal products
• Environmental consequences of eating animal products
• Social consequences of eating animal products
• Economic consequences of eating animal products • Meat, dairy and egg replacers in recipes
• Vegan and vegetarian baking
• Food and Ethics
• Factory farming
• Genetically modified foods: health, environmental and economic/societal costs
• The seed industry
• Corporate food
• Litigation and school lunches
• Subsidised GMO farmers vs penalised organic farmers
• Slave labour in the food industry
• Codex Alimentarius
• Food additives
• Public Research - Private Gain: funding for food research/funding policies
• Changing food policies
• Food sovereignty
• Soil and health
• Organic farming: biodynamics and permaculture
• Self healing and independent health
• Creating a practice
• Creating a consultation space
• Practice promotion, websites and marketing
• Practice ethics and codes of conduct
• Consultation skills
• Healing Diets programme creation

• Diet and the immune system
• Lymphatic cleansing
• Diet and the nervous system
• Transition Diets
• Low glycemic diets
• Healing food habits: mealtime stories, food addiction, emotional eating and other eating disorders
• Oils and fats: raw, vegetable, nut and seed, methods of extraction, effects on health
• Creating a healing diets kitchen: tools, cookware
• Conscious eating: awareness, presentation, environment
• Menu inspiration
• Five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether, and their relationship with diet
• Biological humours of Vata, Pita and Kapha
• The three Gunas and diet
• Six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent
• Healing spices: dosha balancing and medicinal benefits of culinary spices
• Living foods: history, benefits and practice
• Fermented food and drinks
• Sprouting
• Dehydrating foods
• Use of nuts and seeds in healing diets
• Raw food diets: transitioning to raw, raw food preparation, nutrient density, raw challenges, raw contraindications
• Assimilation of nutrient
• Diets for babies and children
• Diets for adolescence
• Diet for preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy and nursing
• Diet for health building and recovery
• Supportive diets for those on medication
• Diet for menopause
• Diet for the elderly
• Food and conditions for increasing beauty
• Nutrient density for athletes

• How the body utilises water in cell, organ, gland and systemic function.
• The effects of dehydration
• Water fasting: history, theory and practice
• Water quality, structure and preservation
• Water as a container for intention
• Juice fasting: history, theory and practice. Methods of juicing
• Liquitarian Diets
• Green drinks
• Produce hygiene
• Nutritional and medicinal properties of fruits and vegetables.
• Disease progression: enervation, toxemia, irritation, inflammation, ulceration, induration, fungation
• Steps to overcoming disease
• The eliminative organs and now to support them with diet, herbs and naturopathic therapies
• Detox symptoms and naturopathic treatments
• Bowel cleansing: theory and practice
• Digestive health and longevity
• In-depth study of the digestive system and enteric nervous system
• Liver and gallbladder cleansing: theory and practice
• Stomach cleansing and healing
• Nutritional support for body organs, systems and glands
• Kidney stone cleansing and urinary system support
• Wheatgrass, chlorophyl and Rejuvelac: benefits and use
• Purification Diet
• Food combining
• Alkaline diet: effects of pH on body cells, organs, glands and systems, and on mental and emotional health
• Minerals, vitamins, proteins, starch, fats, sugars, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients pre and probiotics, life force in food, and their roles in body function

Course topics

healing diets

• Botany
• Chemistry of herbs
• Naming and identifying plants
• Collecting herbs and preparing herbarium specimens
• Plant classification appendix
• Pharmacy and dispensary
• How to set up a pharmacy
• Dosage
• Methods of herbal application
• First aid treatment
• Acute conditions
• Fomentations
• Infusions
• Ointments
• Ovules
• Pill making
• Poultices
• Smoking herbs
• Syrups and tinctures

• Materia Medica (116 primary herbs, plus dozens of supportive herbs) - action, active ingredients, activity, applications, aromatherapy, astrology, Ayurveda, cautions, contraindications, chakras, elements, emotions, Chinese medicine, combinations, cultivation, dosage, energetics, flower essences, formulas, habitat, history, homeopathy, meridians, organs, names, nutrients, part used, personality, plant description, research, spiritual properties, substitutions, systems, taste, tissues, wildcrafting and preparation.
• Iatrogenic drug induced disease
• Herbs and healing
• Holistic perceptions
• Body, mind, spirit
• Vitamins and minerals for body organs, systems and glands

• History and Philosophy
• Use of herbs in ancient and traditional societies
• Chemistry of herbs
• Climate, soil, active principles
• Collecting, harvesting, storage
• Extraction
• Food as Medicine
• Food addictions
• Effects of diet, coffee, alcohol, drugs, etc., on the healing process
• Creating herbal formulas
• Prescription symbols
• Herbal pharmacy terminology
• Contraindications for a range of situations
• Body systems and herbal medicine (anatomy and physiology is taught by body system and integrated through the course

Course topics

herbal medicine

• Reproductive system in the iris
• Respiratory system in the iris
• Urinary system in the iris
• Skeletal and muscular systems in the iris
• Iridian psychology
• Rayid model
• Flower essences, emotional healing and Iridology

• Eliminative channels in the iris
• European constitutional types
• Faridian constitutional types
• Holistic anatomy and physiology
• Nervous system in the iris
• Digestive system in the iris
• Circulatory system in the iris
• Lymphatic system in the iris
• Endcrine system in the iris

• History and Philosophy of Iridology - from 1000 BC to today
• Foundation of Natural Medicine
• Symbolic language of the interior world
• Iris topography
• Embryology
• Iris drawing
• Iris texture
• Basic Iris Signs

Course topics