Frequently asked

Although each student is unique in terms of study skills and experience, the following provides a guideline for expected time commitment for each course:

• Healing Diets online course: 12 Lessons - 7-8 hours per week for 12 months
• Quantum Botanicals online course: 12 Lessons - 7-8 hours per week for 12 months
• Herbal Medicine online course: 12 Lessons - 7-8 hours per week for 12 months
• Iridology online course: 14 Lessons - 7 hours per week for 12 months
• Herbal Medicine Complete online course: 38 lessons - 9 hours per week for 24 months
• Quantum Botanicals Advanced online course: 36 lessons - 9 hours per week for 24 months
• Naturopathy online course: 50 lessons - 7-8 hours a week for 30-36 months
• Natural Physician online course: 62 lessons - 8-9 hours week for 36 months

How long does it take to complete the online studies?


Yes! You are welcome to begin with online certification training and, if at a later date, you would like to continue your studies to diploma level by attending Immersion Trainings and undertaking the Self Healing module, then your online studies will be applied in full towards diploma training. 

Can I begin with online certification studies and choose to attend immersion trainings for diploma studies at a later date?


Help is readily available by emailing the school with your questions. If the questions are more complex, then we will will set up a time to speak with you on the phone or by Skype call.

How do I get help if i have a question?


Our online courses are a series of lessons, each with assignments that combine reading research and writing, with creative assignments designed to help you to create the foundation for your future practise, and experiential assignments that shift the focus from academic learning to working knowledge. The course materials are written and provided as PDFs, which you study on your own, emailing with questions when they arise, then when you complete the assignments for a lesson you submit these for assessment and feedback. In this way you are mentored throughout your studies, culminating in case studies that demonstrate your use of the knowledge that you have gained throughout your studies. 

How is the online course study structured?


Each of our online courses are accredited. Details about accreditation can be found on the details for each course on this website, or contact us to request a school prospectus. 

Are the online courses Accredited 


Individual online courses must be completed within 18 months, although you can apply for an extension with extenuating circumstances. The Master Herbalist Complete and Quantum Botanicals Advanced, online courses must be completed within three years, and the Naturopathy and Natural Physician online courses must be completed within four years. If a student has not sent in an assignment in six months, the student file is placed on hold for a further six months before being closed.

is there a deadline for completing the online studies?


School of Natural Medicine UK graduates can obtain reduced fee insurance from Westminster, or insurance from Balens insurance company in the UK, or with an insurance company in your own country. Professional memberships also frequently offer reduced fee insurance options.

Will i be able to obtain practice insurance upon graduation?


Each country has its own requirements and there is no accreditation available that is ‘international.’

Most countries do not regulate the practice of natural medicine as long as you are not diagnosing and treating disease, and you can freely practice without requiring board examinations or professional memberships, although we do encourage graduates to join professional bodies.

Some countries do require an examination in their own language, for example in Germany there is an examination required for all practitioners who make health recommendations, regardless of your qualifications.

Each graduate must educate themselves about the requirements in their own country and abide by them. School of Natural Medicine graduates practice all over the world and we have never had a graduate who has been unable to practice and/ or teach in their home country.

are the online courses accredited internationally?