Jan 9

Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant Graduate opens her practice in Essex!

Reflecting on my journey of development, I find it fascinating how my early experiences with healing were deeply rooted in the traditions of my Indian upbringing. As a child, my mother’s remedy for a tummy ache involved the comforting aromas of ajowan, fennel, and ginger. The ghee generously ladled onto dal and the assortment of achars accompanying our meals formed the foundation of my understanding of healing, inspired by the Ayurvedic principles woven into the different cuisines of India.

In my teenage years, my curiosity expanded to crystals, dreams, and the spiritual realm. However, the demands of single motherhood led me to veer away from these interests and into a career in technology. I abandoned the holistic wisdom I had grown up with embracing conventional medicine despite my earlier experiences. Then amid wedding preparations in 2013 a sudden gall bladder operation, triggered a cascade of health challenges. Adopting a vegan diet, I became a “junk food vegan,” further compromising my well-being. Refusing to be defined by a diagnosis of IBS and medications, I started my quest for alternative healing.

The turning point came when I discovered The School of Natural Medicine as I was searching for a way to heal my symptoms. The prospectus resonated with me deeply, reigniting the childhood dream I had to help others, much like my mother, a nurse. Healing Diets became the bridge connecting me with that childhood aspiration. Guided by Bonny’s expertise and support, I was able to overcome moments of self-doubt and fear of failure along with the doubts about retraining in my 50s. Ayurveda, explored in Lesson 6, became a revelation, rekindling memories of my roots and heritage.

Graduating as a Nutritional Consultant stands as a significant milestone, fulfilling a lifelong dream to help others. The expertise gained from the School of Natural Medicine empowered me to setup my consultancy practice. My journey not only revitalised the connection with my mother and ancestral roots but also allowed me to contribute to the well-being of others. Conversations about health and healing have become a central part of my life, with friends and family seeking my advice and support. My consultancy practice is a testament to the transformative impact of Healing Diets, a journey for which I am eternally grateful to The School of Natural Medicine.

Preet Halbert HDC, HDNC, MCMA
Nutritional Consultant

Clinic:  Little Thorn Hall Cottage, Stewards Green Road, Epping, Essex CM16  7PD
Phone: 07491 142148

Website: www.preethalbertnutrition.com