Jul 7

Quantum Botanicals Graduate Testimonial

Carol Mead QBT

Owner of Elyse & Me, an essential oil company offering exquisite blends that provide support during periods of stress.

Almost one year ago, I felt a “ping”, that said, look for a course that would expand the depth and breadth of my knowledge of essential oils. I let GOOGLE do the work, as I was unsure what I was really looking for. Halfway down the page it read, “School of Natural Medicine”, I clicked on the course page and my eyes got fixated on the title “Quantum Botanicals”, yes, I thought, this sounds interesting.

I double clicked and read the course intro: “the Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course, personally created and mentored by Bonny Casel, offers an extraordinarily expansive exploration of the plant world, which celebrates the nature of consciousness and quantum physics, and opens the heart and mind in profound ways that will forever change the way you perceive healing, the relationship between mind, body and nature, and the patient-practitioner relationship”.

I had tingles up and down my spine, the hair on my arms stood up to attention, I was having an instant reaction to what I was reading. I quickly closed the page and tried to talk myself out of it. I work full time, I can’t afford the cost of the course, I won’t have time to do the course work, the inner dialog went on and on.

But I had an intense feeling which was overwhelmingly strong, I felt excited and joyful thinking about the course. I did not give it another thought, I took a leap and signed up there and then. Then explained to my husband what I had done. Luckily for me, he was incredibly supportive! I was in, I was on the magic carpet and ready for the ride.

Each month I received the course content via email, along with lots of additional supportive information. The course is written in an incredibly interesting and engaging way, you cannot help but feel inspired and in awe about the natural world around us, and its pure perfection. I felt like my eyes were able to see the world around me with a new lens, and with a new level of gratitude. I felt huge appreciation for all the mavericks that have gone before, from Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Dr Edward Bach. Their ground-breaking contribution to the world around us is staggering. 

The person, who inspired me the most and on a deep level was Dr Edward Bach, he is the father of flower remedies, who dedicated his life to creating the 38 flower remedies. The remedies are based around our emotional responses, Dr Bach believed our emotional state was the cause of our physical problems.

I  really enjoyed  studying each flower remedy, understanding the uniqueness and what the vibrational quality they have to offer. Flower remedies work on a gentle, yet powerful vibrational and energetic frequency, by replacing negativity with positivity, which provides an opportunity for the soul’s evolution. 

Dr Bach believed that rather than suppressing a negative quality, flower remedies work by encouraging the positive aspects of our personalities. When we are in a positive and happy state of being then the negative symptoms stop.

A lovely example is the flower remedy holly, this is given when we are feeling jealousy and hatred, when we take holly, it simply works, not by fighting against the strong negative emotions but by developing within us the virtues of kindness, empathy, and love, in the presence of which jealousy and hatred can no longer exist and they simply melt away. Wow! Isn’t this beautiful.

The course covered how everything is frequency, from insects, to the trees, flowers, plants, stars, and us. Our thought patterns and emotional patterns have a frequency. What we take into our bodies alters our frequency, either lifting us higher or lower. Positive and negative emotions also impact our frequency.  When we feel love, and gratitude when we raise our frequency, and it lowers when we feel jealousy, anger, rage, and sellf-pity. I loved this, I started to become more mindful of my frequency, I played with the concept. For a week, I only consumed high vibrational food, (raw vegetables and fruits), I increased my water intake. I removed low vibrational foods, (processed food, sugar) and was mindful of my thoughts and what I was feeling. I meditated every morning; I was journalling about all the things that I was grateful for and I really amped up the feelings in my body. I took flower remedies and used my essential oil blends.

The outcome was beautiful, I felt a deeper sense of connection to the world around me, I was in perfect alignment within myself, my inner light felt brighter somehow. Overall, I felt more peaceful and calmer than I have in a long time. I have continued to be more mindful of my vibrational energy and more aware of what I am consuming, be it my thoughts, feelings, food. The healing power of nature all makes perfect sense to me now.

I have had a love affair with essential oils for the past three years. I used aromatherapy, during an exceedingly tough time in my life. The love is now even greater, as the course covered essential oils, and I now have an even deeper knowledge and understanding.

The course has gifted me so much more than all the new knowledge. I have been on a personal journey and the growth that has taken place over the course of my studies, I can only describe as life affirming. I am a different person from the one who started the course. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for all that has been and all that is to come.

I have a clear plan on how I will incorporate flower remedies and essential oils as part of my offering. Let the journey begin……

Carol Mead