May 1

New Healing Diets graduate launches practice in Scotland!

Recent Healing Diets graduate, Lynda McIntosh, has just opened her integrated practice in Kinross, Scotland. You can visit her website at this link, and here she shares a few words about her new practice:

My holistic approach focuses on non-invasive healing techniques to bring balance, health and vitality back to our mind, body, heart and soul. I see the person as ‘spirit’ and facilitate healing in that manner when ailments and imbalances move between the mental, emotional, physical and intuitive energy fields asking for attention and healing in a myriad of ways.

The Healing Diets Coaching seemed to be the final ‘missing piece’ to my wellbeing skillset. Using foods, cleanses, living foods, life stage awareness, Ayurveda, superfoods and herbs I could feel my whole self benefit from deep healing, rest, recovery, cellular cleansing, energetic healing and it gave me great vitality to continue my healing work. It’s an exciting time to be offering such an entire package of services for natural wellbeing!

Wishing Lynda every success with developing her new practice!