May 2

Hado Water Experiment

By Healing Diets Student, Arabella Hamilton


For this experiment​, I decided to use plants from seeds and grow them in separate pots, using the same conditions for each and administering the same amount of water. I thought that by growing plants I would get a clear visual of how the experiment was going and could track the progress easily. As it turned out the results were not as straightforward as I had thought. I realised also that in order for the experiment to be truly conclusive I would need to continue the experiment until the plants were fully grown. Despite this, the 4 weeks that I did gave interesting and unexpected results.


The Experiment


Anemone bulbs planted in paper pots

Using 3 paper pots and regular compost I planted 3 Anemone bulbs, one in each pot so the tip of the bulb was just poking through the surface of the soil.

I had pre-prepared 3 x bottles of filtered tap water.

  • Bottle one – ​This bottle was filled with water and had written on it x3 the word ABUNDANCE
  • Bottle two – T​ his bottle was filled with water and had nothing written on it but was spoken to everyday and just before watering with the word LOVE.
  • Bottle three – T​ his bottle was filled with water and had nothing written on it, the intention here was to ignore the water.


Masaru Emoto had suggested in his book that one of the worst things you can do to water that will affect the forming crystals was to ignore it. I wanted to see if ignoring the water in bottle 3, and standing it separated from the others, would have any effect on the growth of the plant.


After about 5 days…


  • Plant 1​ – Watered from bottle one ABUNDANCE – No sign of growth
  • Plant 2 ​- Watered from spoken word bottle LOVE – No sign of growth
  • Plant 3​ – (pictured) Watered from the ignored bottle of water – A tiny shoot has appeared.

I was surprised to see the ignored water plant shoot up first, and a bit disappointed.

The trend continued



After nearly 2 weeks still nothing from ABUNDANCE and LOVE.

Plant 3​ was steaming ahead growing very quickly and the other 2 still dormant. I began to wonder if I had bad bulbs and felt somewhat dis-heartened by the process, mainly because this seemed to be going against the idea of Hado. The water that was shown no love or attention was producing the plant at a considerable rate.

After 2 1⁄2 weeks

  • Plant 1​ – ABUNDANCE finally started to sprout and the following few days ​
  • Plant 2​ – LOVE began to sprout too.

This was exciting as now I knew the bulbs were ok and I was curious as to why both LOVE and ABUNDANCE took that much longer to shoot and when they did it was within a day of each other.

I started to think that perhaps they were slower because they were putting all their energy into growing strong roots and creating a good foundation.


  • Plant 3​ – (IGNORED) continued to race ahead and bloomed first whilst the other two grew very slowly but surely. ​
  • Plant 1 ABUNDANCE was growing a little quicker than ​Plant 3​ LOVE.

It had now been almost 4 weeks and it was time to conclude the experiment and plant them into bigger pots.

I decided to put them altogether into a large pot for the garden. I was now intrigued to see how the roots had grown and if my earlier thought about LOVE and ABUNDANCE having stronger roots was correct.

Removing the plants from their pots and revealing the roots seemed to confirm this notion.

  • Plant 1 – ABUNDANCE has a fairly strong root system, they are strong and quite thick in some places
  • Plant 2 – LOVE has very strong and long roots
  • Plant 3 – IGNORED has finer roots they are more hair like and broke easily




This turned out to be an interesting experiment, although I could have done this by drinking the water and noting how it made me feel, I thought the visuals of this together with my experience of doing it would tell a different story and I loved how this story had a twist.

I honestly thought early on this was a lost cause when LOVE and ABUNDANCE didn’t grow and IGNORED shot up so quickly. Then the realisation came that actually they were growing, I just couldn’t see it happening.

LOVE was the slowest growing plant, she was the last one to sprout and stayed behind the other two throughout the experiment. However, when it came time to repot she had by far the strongest root system and the base of the stems were strong and sturdy.

ABUNDANCE was also a slow starter but grew steadily and produced big strong leaves. Unfortunately towards the end of the experiment the cat chewed abundance and broke the first stem but this did not affect its growth and it is still a strong plant.

IGNORED was the fastest growing plant by several days. The first shoot appeared within a week and it continued to grow quickly and produce flowers way ahead of the other two. At first it seemed as though this was the better of the three plants but when repotting it was clear that the roots were quite weak and thin and now after being planted out it is proving to be the weakest and not coping as well with being outdoors.


So, it was interesting to see that the fastest growing plant had the weakest roots and the slowest growing plant had the strongest roots.

The IGNORED plant had everything it needed to grow in terms of nutrients in the soil and water to hydrate it.

The LOVE plant had exactly the same nutrients in the soil and the same amount of water but put its energy into the roots first and formed a strong foundation upon which to grow.

Only time will tell how this plant progresses but I believe that the word LOVE spoken with energy into the water and then held in its memory made for this exciting outcome.