Dec 8

Herbal Medicine Graduate’s Lockdown Epiphany


Master Herbalist graduate Amy Spadafora

The lockdown presented challenging circumstances for many graduates and I was blown away with the creativity and determination of so many who found a way to be of service within the limitations of the time. Master Herbalist graduate, Amy Spadafora, has been building her practice in South Carolina for some time, and has the most beautiful herb and vegetable garden surrounding her home, where she also sees her patients.

Here are a few words and photos from Amy about what the pandemic meant for her and how it inspired a new and deeper direction for her work.

The global pandemic represents to me a global vision quest, a quest for autonomy,  diving deeply into self, questioning everything and seeing with fresh eyes what is truly valuable.  For some they are experiencing this for the first time,  for others it represents the expansion of consciousness that we have been hoping for.

Three weeks into lockdown is when I “lost it”, and what that means to me is I broke down, got rearranged then put back together in an improved version of self, with a clearer vision of my life work and deeper connection to Mother Earth.  As a result, as a family  we are beginning our growing business where our community will have access to organically grown starter plants of vegetables, herbs and pollinators along with sustainability education, which is something we have been discussing for many years.

Amy Spadafora's growing business in South Carolina.

The time to act on this idea was made so apparent during the lockdown, not only from my own prayer, but propelled from my phone ringing off the hook from those in great distress and feeling the desperation of growing their own food and providing for themselves and their families.

Harmonic Infusions by Amy Spadafora

I am grateful for this opportunity and strive to be part of the solution to create a bright new world where humanity is restored and we can move forward together with unconditional love and respect for all living beings.

Here is a link to an article written in the Hiltonhead Monthly written about Amy’s practice, and here is a link where you can find out more about Amy’s Harmonic Infusions practice, pharmacy and growing herb and organic produce business.