Dec 8

Gallery of Student Work during Lockdown

Following are some beautiful examples of student work during lockdown. These ‘visual’ examples are a tiny taster of the steady flow of assignments that students submitted, and of course most of their assignments were written, so in the coming weeks I will be sharing some of their essays on the school blog.

Self care was very much at the forefront of people’s minds as we all found ourselves at home, in varying circumstances. That so many students decided to take this time to focus on their studies was awe inspiring and the results are just wonderful!

Iris drawing by Portuguese student, Patricia Ventura.

There are many different ways in which lacunae appear in the iris. These are a few examples.

Another beautiful iris drawing by Patricia

One assignment in the Healing Diets course is to experience your unique Transition Diet for two weeks. The Transition Diet is the daily diet for prevention and gradual reversal of dis-ease, which is based on inherent systemic strengths and weaknesses, Ayurvedic and Chinese elemental balance (constitution) and the iris constitution. Students send me photos of their meals and during the lockdown it wasn’t always easy to get the ingredients that one would wish for. A challenge but the results were wonderful.

Master Herbalist graduate, and Healing Diets student, Amy Spadafora’s herbal and vegetable garden is amazing, and through lockdown she expanded her growing business to serve her community. Have a look at the dedicated blog post on her inspiring work during this time.

Naturopathy student, Leslie, from Zimbabwe, stayed on her remote and beautiful property with her family during lockdown, sourcing much of her food from her own garden!

These two beautiful  mindmaps are by Naturopathy students

And these wonderful iris drawings show incredible artistic talent! You don’t need to be an artist to draw the iris effectively for practice, but oh so lovely to see!

Iridology drawing in watercolour