Dec 7

Cooperative Evolution in a Quantum World

I’m delighted to share the following video of a presentation of ‘Plant Senses, Consciousness and Cooperative Evolution in a Quantum World,’ I gave at Plant Consciousness in London in 2015. It was an inspiring two day event with numerous speakers, including Satish Kumar, David Bruce Leonard, Dennis McKenna, David Luke and Drew Dellinger, and myself! and more than 300 people attended from around the UK, Europe and some from further afield.

We all enjoyed hearing these expert views on plants as they relate to consciousness, ranging from the psychedelic and shamanic, to the poetic, scientific and spiritual. My own presentation integrated biology, quantum physics, and consciousness as it relates to plant medicine.

Note: The presentation begins at the 2 minute mark, so you can fast forward a little.

Also below I have included a transcript of my response to the question ‘What does plant consciousness mean to you?’ posed by David Farrel of Archetype Events when I was interviewed by him prior to Plant Consciousness: This ‘1 minute’ sound byte gives but a feel, but it is a great topic to contemplate. Enjoy!

‘What Does Plant Consciousness Mean to You?’

David Farell: I don’t have an answer from a quantum/science perspective and wondered if you could come up with a sound byte answering this in under 1 minute! I know – impossible but just a simple answer in quantum terms.

For me, Plant Consciousness means the unique quality of consciousness that emerges in plant form. The form that we perceive with our senses, the colour, texture, shape and smell are properties of the quantum emergence and fractal progression of plant consciousness…but plant consciousness precedes these outer forms.

Its cellular structure is an emergent property of its molecular structure, which is an emergent property of its atomic structure, all of which is preceded by the unique quality of consciousness of the individual plant. Each step of this progression occurs in cooperation with each of these scales of consciousness.

When we look at a plant in terms of its physical properties only, it is no different than looking at a human being in terms of their physical properties only. Plants and people are far more than their individual parts; we are conscious beings whose outward form is an expression of subtle qualities; a progression of emergent properties preceded by consciousness.

When we interact with a plant, whether we befriend it, or take it into our bodies in the form of food, herbal medicine, essential oils or flower essences, we are interacting with emergent properties of plant consciousness. This interaction is occurring in the quantum field, with cascading effect (quantum-fractal emergence) in mind, emotions and the physical body in a tangled hierarchy.

It helps to remember that the material world that we see, feel, hear, taste and touch is one level of perception. Our senses receive information that is vibrational, and transfer this vibrational information to the brain, which decodes this information into the world that we perceive. The senses are capable of perceiving only a tiny amount of the information available to us, and although this information is very useful, if we rely on the senses we miss a great deal.

Much of our perception of plant consciousness occurs through direct perception; a perception that precedes categorisation and language. It is felt as a whole experience. When we try to find words to describe the feeling, we lose touch with the feeling, so when we engage with plant consciousness we have to first perceive as a whole before putting words to that experience, and then accept that words will never fully capture that experience… and they don’t have to. When we describe the sun as ‘warm’ and ‘light’ we know that doesn’t fully describe the experience we have of the sun, but we accept the limitation of language.

From a healing perspective our interaction with plant consciousness occurs in the physical, emotional and mental bodies simultaneously as a tangled hierarchy. You cannot effect one without effecting the other as they are all emergent properties of a singular consciousness. As the vibrational body is an emergent property of consciousness, when our vibrational body interacts and entrains with the vibrational body of plant consciousness, there are new emergent properties that affect our fractal progression, physically, emotionally and mentally. In the end, all plant healing emerges from our interaction with plant consciousness. The same is true when we interact with other people, with animals, with nature as a whole.